The Big Cosmopolitan Contraception Survey

Honest, educational conversations about sex

Looking for ways to break down taboos?

Hearst brands tackle these kinds of topics every day for their audiences, therefore ellaOne, the makers of the over-the-counter emergency contraceptive pill, were in credible and trusted hands with us.

ellaOne, needed to lead an honest and educational conversation about unprotected sex, contraception and the morning-after pill, ensuring that when it was needed, their brand was top of mind.

The Insight

Stigma still exists around emergency contraception, so much so that 83% of 16 to 54 year-old women who had had unprotected sex in the last 2 years, did not seek out emergency contraception, despite not wanting a pregnancy.*

The Big Idea

Cosmopolitan is well known for its open, honest coverage of sex, sexuality and health issues, and NetDoctor offers medically-led, scientifically proven information and insight, so the two brands combined were a natural fit to deliver a campaign to banish shame about sexual experiences and remove stigmas around seeking access to sexual healthcare.

What better way to lead a conversation than to ask a question? Or, in this case, 28 questions.

Working collaboratively with the ellaOne team, we launched The Big Cosmopolitan Contraception Survey, a groundbreaking piece of research designed to delve deep into the mindset of young adults.

The survey elicited a phenomenal reaction with 7,564 responses, 5 times more than our respondent target. Respondents were so engaged in giving their opinion, that 100% of them answered 100% of the survey.

We found out how many respondents have unprotected sex, their opinions on contraception responsibilities, where they get their information from, who they turn to when they need help, experiences with healthcare professionals and much more.

These insights shaped the work our Creative Studio executed, including animated social content, long-form articles featured on Cosmopolitan and NetDoctor, and original video content. The video, "My Morning After," for example, featured real women and men candidly sharing their morning-after stories and views about contraception.

The campaign smashed expectations and delivered a remarkable 3.3 million social impressions across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, effectively putting ellaOne at the heart of the discussion around sexual health and contraception.

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The Results


in positive sentiment and conversation

1.3 million

people reached

3.3 million

social impressions