Beauty Broadcaster or Brand Devotee?

From mastering the perfect feline flick, to tracking down the latest holy-grail beauty product – the ways in which women in the UK discover new trends, compare brands and buy beauty products is constantly evolving.

While we used to stick with what we knew – these days, the options are limitless.

This may come as no surprise. After all, the world of beauty moves fast. Each day, new brands are born, new trends emerge, and new ingredients promise to revolutionise our beauty routines.

It’s also big business. According to Mintel, the beauty market is worth over £17.5bn and is set to rise to £20bn by 2022.*

To gain deeper insight into the way in which women engage with brands as they shop for beauty products, we partnered with experts from Ink Research to survey over 1,000 women from our online community of Hearst brands as well as over 1,000 women in the UK, on their attitudes and brand preferences to skincare and makeup.

We discovered that with so many more products and sources of inspiration available, the beauty landscape has become increasingly complex and difficult to navigate.

We’ve identified 7 distinct beauty tribes, each categorised by their unique attitudes to beauty:


6 % Hearst Readers      6% UK Population

For her, all the world’s a (social) stage. The Beauty Broadcaster loves to share tips and skills online to friends and followers. Last seen posting a #shelfie of must-have makeup and skincare brands.

1 in 2 agree ‘makeup allows me to show the world all the different versions of myself’


31% Hearst Readers     12 % UK Population

Being a beauty polymath helps the Expert Enthusiast stay ahead of the game. They are early adopters of new trends and premium brands.

2 in 5 love to keep up with the latest trends and innovation in beauty


12% Hearst Readers   18% UK Population

This queen of angst is not comfortable in her own skin. Pays her beauty dues by taking beauty cues from trusted sources offering product reviews and recommendations.

56% look to magazines for beauty advice and recommendations


23% Hearst Readers   18% UK Population

Mixes price points but likes the confidence that comes from using premium products. The Brand Devotee buys beauty products based on past experience because she knows what works best for her.

65% agree ‘My skincare routine is tried and tested – I stick to products that I know work for me’


18% Hearst Readers    23% UK Population

Beauty is only skin deep for the DVS. Feelings about the way she looks change on a daily basis so beauty products that are reliable and affordable rule her world.

67% consider if makeup products offer good value for money before purchasing


8% Hearst Readers    14% UK Population

Her makeup bag contains a smattering of staple skincare and beauty products that complement the Naturalist’s more holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

3 in 5 don’t believe that age-defying products make any real difference


2% Hearst Readers   9% UK Population

Less is truly more for the Don’t Care, Won’t Care brigade. For her, there is beauty in simplicity and more important things to worry about than the molecular structure of polyhydroxy acids.

3 in 4 agree ‘there are more things to worry about than the way I look’

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

From the Expert Enthusiast to the Naturalist, our 7 tribes demonstrate a vast array of beauty-tudes. By understanding the role beauty plays in these women’s lives, brands can forge deeper and lasting emotional connections that are both meaningful and memorable.

Source: *Mintel British Lifestyles: Reinvigorating Brand Britain – UK April 2018



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